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    Connie is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and has been in private practice since 2006. She employs Collaborative Language, Solution Focused and Mindfulness styles of therapy.


    She graduated with Honors from Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, TX in 2002 with an MS degree in psychology.

    Whether looking for a solution to a single situational problem or needing to heal a deep trauma, Connie believes in the power of psychotherapy to change individuals, couples or families for the better


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    Counseling can help you work through your problems and rebuild your relationships. Sometimes families need help working through a crisis or stressful time: a death in the family, an illness, a lay off. Sometimes there's substance abuse involved. Family therapy helps you express your needs appropriately, make compromises, and establish boundaries. Let's be sure you and your and family receive appropriate care and help.


    Providing Services for Individuals, Couples, Families & Groups

    Collaborative Language

    Collaborative Language is a style of therapy that believes the client/patient and the therapist together as a team can find answers to life's most difficult problems.

    Solution Focused Therapy

    Solution Focused Therapy looks for answers to a current problem in as little time as possible, not designed for deep seated long standing problems: 50% of people seeking therapy are looking for help with a single problem.


    Mindfulness is a style of therapy that helps the client become more centered, calm and fully engaged but less stressed by 21st century life.

  • Areas of TheraPy

    The brave and strong know when to ask for help

    Highly Sensitive People

    About 20% of people experience life with an intensity that the remainder of the population just doesn't understand.  HSP's are more susceptible to the adversities of life.  Understanding that the problem is not a matter of being "tougher" but a matter of interpreting and managing the sensory input can help Highly Sensitive People live their life to it's fullest. (Saying "Don't be so sensitive to an HSP is like saying, 'Don't have blue eyes.' Or, 'Don't be 6' tall.'")  The more a person knows about how they experience the world the smoother their life can be.

    Aging Parents 

    Since 1983 Connie has helped many family members and clients travel the sometime tortuous road of living and dealing with aging parents. It is our task to take care of "The Greatest Generation" whether they want our help or not.  80% of today's adults are either looking for a home for aging parents or finding rooms in their own homes for their parents.

    Children/Adults with special needs and their families 

    As a teacher retired from 25 years in public education, most of it spent teaching high school students with emotional problems, Connie is able to help parents and students navigate the Special Education part of public or private education and solve family crises. She offers help for people with ADD, ADHD, and Asperger Syndrome.

    Grief and Loss

    Whether you are in denial, in the acceptance stage, somewhere in between, or experiencing more than one step of the grieving process, Connie is skilled at helping you move through the transition from loss to a new normal.


    "Anyone can get pregnant," isn't always true.  Over 150 bodily functions must come together for a couple to conceive and 75% of couples have trouble getting pregnant.  Connie can help you understand and adjust to your situation.

    Couples Communication

    Collaborative Language therapy especially lends itself to teaching couples to listen effectively and speak their needs clearly. Effective communication is the lifeblood of long and successful relationships. Connie can help you make your relationship a solid one.

    Specialities Include:

    Highly Sensitive People
    Couples Communication

    Living with Aging Parents

    Transitions, Grief and Loss




    Member in good standing of

    American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

    Texas Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

    Houston Association of Marriage and Family Therpaists

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    This is not therapy but an opportunity to talk with me and see if you are comfortable with my style of counseling.


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